Are Chatbots the future?

Nowadays, talking to a robot and receiving intelligent answers doesn’t seem like a ridiculous idea. With no human interaction involved, you are able to receive answers that you want… just by simple talking to an artificially intelligent robot – termed as ‘Chatbots’. The growth of the Chatbot market is projected to grow from $703 million … Continue reading Are Chatbots the future?


McDonald’s Mobile Mc-APPlication

Hate standing at the counter looking at the menu board trying to figure out what you want to order and everyone around you asking, ‘are you ordering yet?’ Hate going through drive through with that annoying customer in front of you taking so long to make an order?.. Well hate no more. Continuing its innovative … Continue reading McDonald’s Mobile Mc-APPlication

The Dominant & Dynamic Digital Domain

The advancement of marketing as an industry is highly influenced by the rise of digital marketing. The dependence on sales personnel and face to face interactions has now shifted to making efforts online and using the internet as a major marketing platform. Many industries are now relying on digital marketing as an avenue to promote … Continue reading The Dominant & Dynamic Digital Domain

Maccas Latest Stunt! .. .. McStunt

The global food phenomenon has taken an approach where job applications via a ten second snapchat video will ascertain odds in being employed at the fast food chain restaurant.  On top of their exposure on Snapchat already, with their launch of their geo-filters, the company rolled out job applications in early April 2017. Pictured below … Continue reading Maccas Latest Stunt! .. .. McStunt

Hellllo Youtube!

The best brands use targeted YouTube advertising on an on-going basis. Advertising extends reach, drives channel engagement and grows subscriber audiences. For example, I’ve seen countless ads about Apple’s latest Ipad PRO and Netflix revealing their new releases. But lets have a look into some of the stats for YouTube: Over 4 billion hours of video are … Continue reading Hellllo Youtube!

Is sharing the new owning?

Today, new and successful businesses/entrepreneurs prosper through connectivity, being active online and sharing content. Hopping into an Uber on a night out or accommodating in a strangers Airbnb listing is extremely common nowadays. We see booming companies like Uber and Airbnb relying tremendously on social media and feedback from the community. Rather than having … Continue reading Is sharing the new owning?


I’m constantly on the search for finding pretty pictures of food, nice restaurants and especially nice brunch places. I rely highly on Instagram posts and searching up #burgers, #melbournebrunch and #melbournefood. I’ve thought about all the brunch places I’ve been too and I've found them all through Instagram posts. And then it made me wonder: … Continue reading #burgersofINSTAGRAM