A sign from… the internet God

Has anyone else noticed that when you’re scrolling through Facebook and catching up on social updates or seeing what video or meme your friend has tagged you in – wedged in between these posts are advertisements or articles that interests you? Or that those ads you’re seeing are very familiar to you?
That’s because they are!!! It’s like the internet knows your every move…
I did some research out of curiosity and found that the browsers you visit essentially try to get you to finish your purchase by showing these ads in your social media.
As an example, think about a website that you’ve recently browsed and the items you looked at,then all of a sudden, that specific product that you were browsing ends up somewhere on your Facebook feed.
Personally, for me, I’ve been searching  cheap flights and accommodation to Europe, browsing through deals and promotions on different websites. I later scroll through my Facebook feed and basically bombarded with advertised deals. I mean of course i would love to “Win cheap flights to London”!!!!
How does this happen though??
It’s targeted advertising and to my knowledge, internet trackers such as cookies and javascript are used by companies to collect data, they use this to essentially tailor ads to your interests. I figured that the ads relate to what you read on the web, like articles you click on through Facebook and what you are buying or ‘adding to your cart’. It’s happened to me too many time before.
It’s like a sign from God telling me that i must buy the shoes i was browsing on ASOS.. popping up constantly on my Facebook.. not giving up until i press the ‘Pay now’ button. I mean i wish i could tell these ‘internet trackers’ to stop giving me that temptation because really.. I’m a uni student on a budget and I simply cannot afford it.

4 thoughts on “A sign from… the internet God

  1. I recently noticed this too! Recently I caught an Uber for the first time, and while I was in the Uber scrolling through Facebook, multiple ads for Uber appeared, as well as an invite for me to like Uber’s page. Pretty creepy if you ask me!


  2. These advertisements are highly personalised! Facebook especially uses our search history to make advertisements. Sometimes I find them okay, as they actually deliver the product/services I need. Other times they seem a bit overwhelming. Good blog, keep it up!


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