I’m constantly on the search for finding pretty pictures of food, nice restaurants and especially nice brunch places. I rely highly on Instagram posts and searching up #burgers, #melbournebrunch and #melbournefood. I’ve thought about all the brunch places I’ve been too and I’ve found them all through Instagram posts. And then it made me wonder: How influential are Instagram posts in marketing a product/service?
There are approximately 400 million active users on Instagram every month with 3.5 billion photos being liked every day. So if you have Instagram.. and I’m sure you would, you’ll understand me when I say that food porn is extremely present in the Instagram world. I mean have you seen those  high quality, drool activating photos of burgers??
They look so visually appealing and extremely delicious that it genuinely makes me want to physically go to that restaurant and try it. I mean its effective for me, like look at these burgers though..
It’s interesting to me to think about the how much influence Instagram has got on my behaviour to choose what restaurant to dine at. For example I follow Instagram pages like ‘Melbournebreakfastdairy’, ‘breakfastinmelbourne’ and ‘burgersofmelbourne’. These pages all have a huge following and they promote restaurants in Melbourne (very convenient i would say).
Essentially, I personally feel like the trend of walking along a street to find a restaurant has shifted to finding an appealing restaurant online. Instagram definitely grabs my attention and basically feeds my growling stomach – technically speaking. 

3 thoughts on “#burgersofINSTAGRAM

  1. Great post!! I am certainly influenced by the food that comes up on my Instagram feed, and vice versa! I actually run a food instagram (that’s actually posted in this post – @brunchinmelbourne if you wanted to know ahhaha) and I also try to influence people’s food decisions.


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