Hellllo Youtube!


The best brands use targeted YouTube advertising on an on-going basis. Advertising extends reach, drives channel engagement and grows subscriber audiences.

For example, I’ve seen countless ads about Apple’s latest Ipad PRO and Netflix revealing their new releases.


But lets have a look into some of the stats for YouTube:

  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month
  • More than 100 million social actions (shares/comments/likes) per week
  • 72 hours worth of video are uploaded every minute
  • 2 billion views per day

The extremely high number of views per day and the constant attention YouTube receives from viewers through social actions is evident that YouTube is definitely not slowing down. Maybe its time for marketers and business who only use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to join the bandwagon and make a Youtube page to further promote and create more exposure to their brand/product. Linking any type of social media to YouTube is highly critical to brand video marketing success. In saying this, within a minute, approximately 500 tweets are made containing a Youtube link and in terms of video sharing, over 700 YouTube videos are shared on twitter per minute.

Another implication YouTube provides is advertising on their site. Features that let businesses promote their videos to individuals whom may be interested in them. For example by targeting customers via demographics, topics or interests. 

However, the ads are uncontrolled and may not be targeted at all. I did some exploring and clicked on a ‘beauty and make up’ video and the ad that popped up concerned Travel Insurance… unrelated to my video. Another ad that popped up was ‘Clearblue’s pregnancy test’ … definitely not for me.

The recent controversial issue about brands discovering that their ads being placed next to videos encouraging hate and terror, have convinced companies to reconsider their use of Youtube’s platform to promote their products/services: explaining the reason as to why there is a decline in ad revenue.

There are suggestions to consider controlling advertisements on YouTube, however, the online world is an extremely difficult place to have total control. The placement of ads are all done by a certain algorithm and no human can control the placement.

So is it YouTube’s responsibility to take action? .. Or is it reasonable for companies to pull their ads from the YouTube world?


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