The Dominant & Dynamic Digital Domain

The advancement of marketing as an industry is highly influenced by the rise of digital marketing. The dependence on sales personnel and face to face interactions has now shifted to making efforts online and using the internet as a major marketing platform.


Many industries are now relying on digital marketing as an avenue to promote their business, caving the way for a change in consumer behaviour. It combines both push and pull strategies to create content and provide consumers with helpful information. Some of the ways consumer behaviour is altering are:

  • Increased use of technology which leads to increased number of marketing channels i.e. emails and social media
  • The expectation of constant and regular customer service: addressing problems as fast as you can
  • Boosts customer loyalty
  • Power to the consumers due to reviews

On a personal level, working in a retail store and being of high reach to audiences whom are present online, especially millennials, I receive comments like:

“Oh, it’s cheaper online” or

“There’s heaps more styles online” or

“I heard this style was better”

“Why do you have this online but not in-store?”

5d1e4_Image 2 - Millennials - ENG

This is my personal evidence that digital marketing and the use of the internet has a high impact on one’s business. Digital marketing gives brands the opportunity to reach a wide audience anywhere and anytime.

In terms of mobile marketing, I find that screen size, orientation, load time, content, touch and scrolling are very important factors. Running a website that is compatible with mobiles is essential as:

Taking advantage of this rise in mobile use and the reliance on the internet, MUST be utilised to potentially increase business assets.

Incredible power is existent in the digital landscape, think about it, how often are you using the internet to consider a purchase or compare products?


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