Stop following me !!!

I’ve recently been flooded with fake Instagram accounts following me and it’s made me wonder where they’re coming from. Even though they may look legitimate, I click on their account and suss out there page and find out that it’s a spam or fake account where they are for example following 5,238 people and then only have 2 followers. Does something seem shady to you?

What if Instagram influencers had a majority of followings from fake user accounts and only a small percentage were genuine  followers. How is there a way to determine what accounts are real and which ones are fake?

I’ve recently come across a video filmed in China where a high number of mobiles are automatically set up to give reviews and ratings to mobile apps in order to boost their ratings.

It feels to me that the digital world is becoming more and more fake, with users willing to buy followers or get fake accounts to boost their numbers or ratings.

There has been so much exposure in users ‘purchasing followers’ to automatically get an increased number of followers and generate a large number of likes. Existent apps like ‘Boostagram’ enables a user to generate ‘real followers, likes and comments’.

Having a large number of followers may seem like a good idea, but numbers are not everything. It’s more about how many users actually engage with your content. Thus, reasons as to why business’ should not invest in followers are given:

  1. People will find out
  2. Low engagement
  3. Loss of Integrity and Reputation

As a customer, it really turns me off to see an Instagram page from a little clothing boutique store with thousands and thousands of followers and when I click on one of their pictures, they only have 7 or so likes. It is indicative to me that majority of their followers are not engaged and are most likely fakes.

How do you feel about it?

Is it ethical to purchase followers to make yourself or your brand more profitable? Does it really work? Or is it all for vanity?


2 thoughts on “Stop following me !!!

  1. This is too true! I hate seeing pages with obviously fake names and descriptions following me, and having a super high number of followers, especially when I see genuine instagram pages with quality content that have way less followers, who could also purchase followers but choose not to simply because they want to be honest and have people follow them because they like their content. I think instagram should be more strict with weeding those spam blogs out.


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