McDonald’s Mobile Mc-APPlication

Hate standing at the counter looking at the menu board trying to figure out what you want to order and everyone around you asking, ‘are you ordering yet?’ Hate going through drive through with that annoying customer in front of you taking so long to make an order?.. Well hate no more.

Continuing its innovative streak, McDonalds Australia has recently launched a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS software, where you are simply able to pick your closest restaurant based on your location, place an order and then go pick it up. The app further provides loyalty services, retains your usual orders and for a limited time, it’ll provide some ‘secret value’ items.Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.51.48 pmScreen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.51.28 pm

I decided to download the app and give it a crack (It was surprisingly within the top 2 of the ‘Free Top Charts’ segment). I firstly had to sign up and agree to receive promotions  and offers via email and phone. I then thought ‘ what a great way to get more customers on-board and aware of promotions’ and then the following thought of ‘do I really want to be receiving ‘spam’ from Maccas on a daily basis?’


Other than that, signing up was easy but a suggestion to improve it was maybe they could have had a button to sign up through Facebook.. making it easier, rather than going through the tedious process of entering personal details.

Using mobile apps has gained legitimacy as a commerce channel. By turning to an app that has the potential to create sales, it strengthens customer loyalty. Another alteration in consumer behaviour in regards to having an app like this means that it is more convenient for consumers with busy lifestyles to easily order and pick up a meal.

In America alone, the launch of the mobile app in March 2017, although still in its prime stage, will be a projected $38 billion industry by 2020. In saying this, mobile apps have the power to enable organisation to improve and create new services.

With McDonalds, the integration of the digital mobile app gives rise to a different customer experience and has the potential to benefit them in the long run.

So would you download the app and order a meal at your convenience? Let me  know what you think about the app! Or try using it yourself !




4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Mobile Mc-APPlication

  1. I had no idea maccas had an app! I think I would definitely try it out to see what it’s like but I don’t think I would use it regularly and would probably end up deleting it off my phone… I think this is because they usually get your orders to you fast as it is a ‘fast food’ restaurant. And if I want a super speedy order, I’ll usually just go through drive through haha. It’s a good idea but I just don’t think I’d use it


    1. Yes, i think drive thru is already convenient seeing as though all we have to do is sit in a car and ‘drive thru’, but i definitely think the hype surrounding a McDonalds App was what the company wanted, for more exposure i guess, not gonna lie, I’ve only ordered once on the app and its taking up space on my phone! haha

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  2. Like Bytemeblogsite said above, I also don’t think I would use the app regularly and would likely delete it after a short while. It’s kinda like their monopoly campaign app where consumers scan the monopoly stickers onto their phones and win prizes. I installed that app for a short while but quickly deleted it after the campaign was over. In all honesty that app wasn’t very well developed anyway.

    I feel like this new ordering app is probably gonna head the same direction. It’s as if there are added steps instead of bringing more convenience. I’m sure it costs Maccas quite a lot to develop and implement the app as well as sorting out a new management system in-store. I think the costs outweigh the benefits.


  3. The monopoly campaign definitely made me buy more food because i thought i had the chance of winning, but this current app doesn’t necessarily make me want to order more.. so the monopoly campaign app was probably more profitable for maccas at this point in time!


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